Can’t decide ….?

August 9th, 2017

shutterstock_139390454Having difficulty deciding which window treatment to choose? We can help!

There is so much choice available, it’s often difficult to decide which window treatment to choose – and then there is the colour/style!

We aren’t tied to one specific product so can offer non biased advice – our free interior design service can provide you with information to help you reach a resolution. We take time to establish what you like, and what you don’t, what is important to you and what doesn’t matter so much. We take into account the timeframe and the budget. We then tailor suggestions to suit your wish list. Once the options and choice has been reduced, we have found it is easier to decide.

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How safe are your blinds?

May 9th, 2017

remote control blindWith the ever increasing focus on child safety we are always looking for blind solutions which meet current child safety regulations.

There has been several deaths caused by blind cords over the years and many other cases where children have narrowly escaped being severely injured .

Due to the fact blind cords now have to be fixed securely with hooks to avoid a strangulation threat, blinds can be both difficult to operate and unsightly.

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Stop avoiding that unusual shaped window!

March 6th, 2017

arched shutterHave you been delaying refurbishing or finishing a room due to its unusual shaped window? Stuck for ideas? Feel the window is impossible to cater for so you have just left it blank?

We have many years of experience providing and fitting window treatments for windows of all sizes and shapes.

Unlike many companies we are not tied to one specific product therefore we have more flexibility in providing a solution to your needs. All of the Dress My Windows consultants are trained interior designers and advisors in measuring and fitting bespoke window coverings. Whether it is window blinds, curtains or shutters, each and every solution we offer is tailor made to fit your window; therefore you can guarantee that not only will they look fantastic they will operate like a dream, as they should do, every day.

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Planning refurbishments in 2017?

January 17th, 2017

 concerto_cameo_aWith the arrival of the New Year we see an influx of people who are planning to invest in their properties during the year ahead.

Whether it is a fresh look to an existing room, with the Christmas decorations down everything often looks a little bare and tired, or as part of a renovation or extension project we can help.

We are not tied to a single product, offering a wealth of different window treatments to provide any solution to your needs. Whether you choose window blinds, curtains or plantation shutters, as trained interior designers and advisors in measuring and fitting bespoke window coverings, all our consultants are well placed to offer you impartial advice.

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Providing a bespoke service …

June 15th, 2016

bespoke window treatments manchester, southportFor those clients who know exactly what they would like we can obviously provide their chosen window treatment however here at Dress my windows we are not tied to a single type of window dressing. This enables us to offer a bespoke service, providing multiple options so you can make an informed decision.

As part of our interior design service we take time to understand the type of look you are wishing to create. We take this together with any functional properties you require from you window dressing. These could include such properties as a black out function, privacy, making the most of the light etc. and any constraints there may be such as size shape and accessibility. We are then are able to make appropriate suggestions and show examples of suitable window treatments which tick all the right boxes!

Not all windows suit a certain type of treatment/installation – we will give you a free and honest appraisal of your window setting and advise you accordingly, even if this means losing a sale. Our philosophy is to imagine if it were our own home – we want you to be totally happy. This is why much of our work now comes from previous customers and recommendations.

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Plantation shutters – a popular choice!

June 1st, 2016

Plantation shutters southport. manchesterMore and more homes are benefitting from the installation of plantation shutters. Attractive from both the inside and out, plantation shutters are simple, stylish and a practical alternative to curtains or blinds.

Complimenting most interiors, the addition of plantation shutters are suitable for both commercial and domestic properties. The louvers can be adjusted allowing full light into the room or remain closed to creating complete privacy. They also provide enhanced security and can help to reduce external noise levels.

Plantation shutters are one of our most popular forms of window treatments, we have been supplying interior shutters in the UK for over 15 years and are proud to say the first shutters are still going strong!

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Let your imagination run free…

May 24th, 2016

made to measure curtains manchesterWe have had a busy week providing curtains and blinds for clients across the North West. Curtains are an extremely popular solution as window treatments and we have provided some fabulous curtains over the last couple of weeks alone.

Curtains were used initially to block or obscure light and/or drafts, and were purely functional. As time has gone by the curtain has been seen as an opportunity to add colour into a room, a decorative feature, either as a standalone item or in conjunction with blinds.

Here at Dress My Windows we keep up to date with all the latest fabrics and styles allowing you to choose from a fresh selection of materials and designs.

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Curtains v Shutters

April 4th, 2016

Whether it is plantation shutters, curtains or blinds, our range of products can create a solution from simple to luxurious, traditional to contemporary and always ensuring that there is an option just right for you and your window.

Unlike many companies who are tied to one specific product, we are able to provide any solution to your needs, you can be sure of impartial advice as we can discuss with you the best options, not restricted by a limited range which reduces your choice.

As you can see from the attached images, some windows are not ideally suited to curtains. So we will say so!! Even modern homes, with UPVc windows, can suffer from condensation.

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Celebrating spring..

March 21st, 2016

Plantation shuttersYesterday marked the first day of Spring and what a glorious day it was too!

With the onset of spring we associate new beginnings, new growth, anticipation and enthusiasm for the months ahead. We say goodbye to the winter months where people have closed their homes against the cold of winter and hello to a lighter, warmer time of year. This transition is a popular time for many to invest in their homes and freshen up interiors whether they simply wish to update their soft furnishings or undertake a complete redecoration we can help.

We are not tied to one specific product unlike many companies so able to provide any solution to your needs. Whether you are looking for window blinds, curtains or plantation shutters, you can be sure of impartial advice. We take time to discuss with you the best options not restricting your choice by a limited range.

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Entertaining this Christmas…?

December 14th, 2015

window treatmentsDecember is one of the most popular times of the year to welcome visitors into our homes. The festive season prompts the opportunity to entertain both family and friends. Often the preparation when hosting these events includes more than simply popping out to the local supermarket to stock up on food and wine! Jobs which have been accumulating throughout the year suddenly get completed, clutter and things which are no longer needed are addressed and you find yourself looking at your surroundings in a completely different manner.

Is it really x amount of years since we decorated? Why do we still have those `temporary curtains` in place? I`ve never liked that design. Wouldn’t a blind/plantation shutters look so much better than the existing curtains? I`m sure someone can do something about that unusual shaped window we’ve avoided thinking about!

By simply changing the window treatment we can transform/lift the whole room.

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