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Consider shutters an investment.

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Plantation shutters will last a life time, so you will never have to replace them. They will generally last at least 20 – 25 years, so in four to five years when you would be considering changing you blinds or curtains your shutters will still be providing superb service.

Plantation shutters are one of the few products that create that WOW factor when you walk into the room. Because of this plantation shutters actually add value to your home. Curtains and blinds are such an individual choice; they will appeal to some people but not to others. Shutters will appeal to a much broader range and are virtually trend proof; unlike curtains they will not appear dated in 5 years time!

After your plantation shutters are installed you will be so impressed with the style and practicality of your plantation shutters that the price will soon be long forgotten. In any case, because the shutters have such a long time span, they will be less expensive than any other quality window dressing in the long run.

Cut your fuel bills with shutters

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

shuttersResearchers have shown that fitting shutters can be as effective as fitting double-glazing.

Using thermal imaging cameras, researchers have shown residents of the country’s old and new towns how best to cut their bills. The project has demonstrated a traditional; decidedly low-tech approach can be highly effective. Windows with the shutters and curtains closed show up in the images in a deep blue colour, demonstrating little heat is escaping. Windows with the shutters and curtains open burn bright in oranges and reds, showing that much more heat and money is being lost.

When the shutters are closed, a layer of cold air is trapped between the shutter and the window, insulating the room from the outside elements. Additionally, as many radiators are sited below the window sill, the beauty of a shutter is the heat from the radiator is deflected in to the room rather than outside through the window. There is a distinct advantage over curtains, which cover the radiator, hugely reducing its efficiency.
The team behind the project said other traditional techniques were valuable too and anyone living in a period property should also not overlook the importance of draught excluders.



Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

beautiful curtainsCan’t decide how to dress your window?

Awkward window?

Shaped window?


Love shutters – 20% OFF!

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

From now until the end of February, we are running our “love Shutters” campaign.

In conjunction with “S” Craft shutters, there is a promotion across the whole shutter range of a massive 20% of the order price.

So whether you want our top of the range Cedar Wood shutter or the budget Craftwood range there is a deal for you.