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Make saving money your New Year’s resolution

Monday, January 24th, 2011

I always like to discuss my New Year’s Resolutions with people. I find that when I do, it spurs me on a little more to actually get my goals achieved.

The most common resolution by far that we at Dress My Windows have heard this year has been: save money. I have also heard some great ways of achieving this goal over the past few weeks as everyone’s attention turns to the VAT rise. What’s more is that there are some very useful resources out there at the moment to help in achieving this goal.

I found the tips from the experts at very interesting, and well worth looking into. From changing energy supplier – and you might want to seriously look into this with the help of my friend and colleague Ella Worthington who is a representative of Utility Warehouse – to switching mortgage from variable to fixed rate (I can also recommend my mortgage broker Christian Coventry , a colleague whom I trust.