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Looking forwards towards Spring!

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

Window blindsHave we seen the end of the storms? Let`s hope so! Spring will soon be here – an ideal time to freshen up or update your existing window coverings.

The warmer weather provides an opportunity to access our existing spaces. Open the window, do away with the unnecessary items which make our home look dull and tired and turn your home into a bright, happy, efficient space.

Whether you prefer curtains or blinds, exterior or interior shutters we are able to provide a solution to your needs. Unlike many companies who are tied to one specific product we have an array of experience with all window coverings so if you fancy a change or wish to stay with your present solution we can help.


Stay warm inside as the weather rages outside

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

The Met Office has issued a red alert warning as winds gusting at over 100mph have been recorded in parts of the UK as a huge storm batters the country. With a prediction that the bad weather could reach levels last seen in 1947 we have Thermal window curtainsbeen strongly advised to stay inside and only travel if necessary.

When you consider the power of the weather and the affect it has on your home it could make you shudder!

A significant portion of heat loss is lost through your windows and doors. Any measures you can take to prevent this happening are advisable. Not only will you create a more ambient environment inside but you will save on your energy bills.