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What a fantastic summer we are having!

Monday, July 28th, 2014

window blinds UKThe weather has been glorious and I’m sure we all feel better waking up to another sunny day, however there are some downsides. Living in England we are just not used to or equipped to cope with excessive heat the sunshine brings.

However….. there are some measures we can take to make our life easier during the summer. Many people forget or are simply not aware of this top tip!

Your window treatment can help to keep rooms cool in summer. They are not just there to make the room look attractive or keep out the cold in winter.


A perfect solution all round!

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

Bay windows seem to present householders with a rather unique problem in terms of finding a solution.

For curtain lovers the issue is always with the rail or pole. To get the best results, these need to be fitted by a professional, as the results can be otherwise unsightly, apart from giving problems with the opening and closing of the curtains.

Clients who prefer blinds strive to find a balanced look across the bay, which looks stylish and is without compromise. Again, if not professionally fitted, the results can look poor and there can also be a problem with gaps, which can give privacy issues.