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An interior window shutter will transform your room

Stylish and distinctive, an interior window shutter installation offers a practical alternative to a conventional window covering ensuring full privacy and a snug feeling for your home.

An interior window shutter can be described as a classy versatile easy to maintain stylish window dressing. Thought to have originally been used in ancient Greece and probably made from marble they quickly became popular due to their flexibility of providing varying amounts of light and air.

The first interior window shutter constructed from wood is thought to have been used for houses in the UK in the Victorian period. Shutters started being used outdoors soon afterwards.

Deciding which company to use can be a mind blowing experience. We have been supplying internal shutters in the UK for over 15 years and are proud to say the first shutters are still going strong! The basswood we use we believe is perfect for this product as it is stable, is very strong and it is light enough to suit most window openings in the UK.

We provide made to measure interior window shutters to ensure we provide the ideal solution for you. Available in a range of colours the interior shutters can be chosen to either complement or contrast with your existing décor.

Custom made shutters provide a solution for even the most unusual shaped window resulting in there being no window a solution cannot be found for. There are many different styles that can be catered for from full height, half height (café), arched and any other unusual shapes e.g. octagons, circles, triangles, fan and eyebrows. All this without compromising on the affordability, strength and reliability of the shutters or the ability to install them easily when needed.

Our philosophy is to imagine if it were our own home – we want you to be totally happy. This is why much of our work now comes from previous customers and recommendations.

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